What Causes Dandruff And Dry scalp

Dandruff can be embarrassing when it rears its ugly white droppings on
your little black dress or your brand new Armani suit. The fact is
that dandruff is really nothing more than just dead skin cells that
are loose and fall off the scalp, especially when you scratch it.

Dandruff does not necessarily mean you have dry scalp, it can also be
an oily scalp producing too many dead skin cells. There are a few main
causes of dandruff and a few scalp home remedies you need to know
about before trying to fix the problem.

Some of the causes of dandruff, or rather factors that create
circumstances for dandruff to occur include the following:



*Weather Fluctuations

*Hormonal Imbalances and Changes

*Fatty Acid or Vitamin B Deficiency

*Excess Alcohol Intake

*High Sugar, Spicy or Salty Diets

*Medications That Create Deficiencies or Imbalances

*Certain Illnesses

The primary differences in dry scalp and dandruff are that dandruff is
that the flake size is usually smaller in dry skin on the scalp,
dandruff produces yellow flakes whereas dry skin will produce white or
translucent flakes and dandruff flakes can be oily or greasy as well
as dry. You can make use of reliable and effective scalp home remedies
for both of these scalp conditions regardless of the causes of
dandruff or dry skin on your scalp.

The symptoms of dandruff can include scalp itching, flakes on your
clothes, oily scalp and face, dry facial skin and sometimes a chest
rash that produces flakes and red blotches and spots. It can be
different for each person, but one or more of these issues can mean
you have dandruff. Flaking can also signify dry scalp so make sure to
look at and examine the flakes before you choose a remedy.

Both dandruff and dry skin on the scalp can be managed and in some
cases cured. You do not have to feel embarrassed about flaking
scalp if it is not flaking. No matter what the causes of dandruff or
any related scalp condition you can find a natural home remedy that
will help.

You can find out more about these conditions and how to manage them here at causesofdandruff.org, or checkout this website to see what other commercial options are available.

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